Our Mission

Open the Book

Open the Book is a national project from the Bible Society. It gives primary school children the opportunity to hear and engage with stories from the bible. It is a voluntary, unpaid service offered by local church teams to schools as a contribution to their collective worship sessions.

Bible Eggsplorers

The creator of these resources, an ex-primary school teacher with 30 years experience, uses them as part of our church mission, encouraging a wider knowledge of the bible in young people. Our faith is built upon the teachings in the Bible and stories are the foundation stones.

Angels Service

The Altham Angels service was established at the start of the Diocesan Vision initiative to ‘plant’ a new congregation of individuals who for one reason or another chose not to attend the regular Sunday service.

Christians Against Poverty

In the Benefice we have two trained Christians Against Poverty (CAP) advisors. We have run one course for those in the community who have problems in managing their finances, but have not found it easy to generate sufficient interest in  future courses. We know that there must be people out there who need some help, so please do encourage anyone you know who may be struggling to  get in touch.

Exploring Faith

During Lent and at other times during the year we run courses which allow people to explore and develop their faith, or perhaps to act as an introduction to the Christian faith for those who aren’t yet sure.