Holy Week Services

Apr 2, 2023


1ST Apr       ALL SAINTS at 6.30pm – A reflection on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem within Evening Prayer

2nd Apr       St JAMES, ALTHAM at 9.30 am –PALM SUNDAY – Holy Communion  with Sunday School

3rd Apr       MONDAY – St JAMES, ALTHAM at 7.30 pm – Holy Communion with reflection on the  anointing of Jesus and the opportunity to receive prayer and the laying on of hands for healing

4th Apr       TUESDAY – ALL SAINTS at 7.30pm – Claire will lead a reflective service on Jesus’ journey to the cross, drawing on her experience visiting the holy sites in Jerusalem last year

5th Apr        WEDNESDAY –  St JAMES, ALTHAM at 7.30 pm – Adele will lead a reflection on Jesus turning over the tables in the temple, concluding with night prayer

6th Apr       MAUNDY THURSDAY –  ALL SAINTS at 7.30pm – Holy Communion commemorating the Last Supper, which ends dramatically with the church being stripped and lights turned out – sign up if you would like to join in a fellowship meal before the service at 6.30 pm

7th Apr        GOOD FRIDAY – St JAMES, ALTHAM at 9.30 am – Children’s crafts, refreshments and a short act of family worship

7th Apr        GOOD FRIDAY –  St JAMES, ALTHAM at 2.00 pm – The Last Hour at the Cross – a reflective service of scripture, reflections and the viewpoints of some of those involved, hymns and prayers.