We take mission seriously and try to bring the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ to the community in a variety of ways.

“Open the Book”. The Bible Society has developed a number of short plays telling different bible stories for use in schools for Keystage 1 and 2 children and we have pioneered the introduction of “Open the Book” in the Blackburn Diocese. We have a small team of would be actors and we introduced the plays to our village school here in Altham during 2014. In 2015 we took the “Open the Book” concept to two other church schools in the United Benefice and to a secular school in the area. This project has been part of our overall strategy of developing closer links with our dayschool and developing mission into the community.

From May to September we open the church two lunchtimes a week and invite the workers on the Altham Industrial Estate to come to seek a few minutes of peace during their busy day. The kettle is always on and a “brew” is available for those who want it. Some of them bring their sandwiches and sit quietly as they have their lunch.

We have developed guided tours of the church and make them available to other churches and local organisations. They are an excellent way of making people aware of the history of this ancient and wonderful building.

In the Benefice we have two trained Christians Against Poverty (CAP) advisors. We have run one course for those in the community who have problems in managing their finances. 

We prepare a “Mission Action Plan” which is updated every couple of years, which sets targets and lists achievements  relating to our activities in trying to bring spread news of God’s love to the community we serve. Click here  to see out latest plan.